Tuesday, February 26: 12:15-3:00
3rd and 4th Floors of Sieg Hall
(With the Traditional Espresso Cart outside 322 Sieg)


  • Comparison of Large Scale Overlay Management Techniques, 3rd Floor, Poster # 1
    Sushant Jain and Ratul Mahajan
  • A Measurement Study of Napster and Gnutella, 3rd Floor, Poster # 2
    Stefan Saroiu, Krishna P. Gummadi, and Steve Gribble
  • A Study of BGP Misconfiguration, 3rd Floor, Poster # 3
    Ratul Mahajan, David Wetherall, and Tom Anderson
  • KING: A Tool to Estimate Latency Between Any Two Hosts in the Internet, 3rd Floor, Poster # 4
    Krishna P. Gummadi, Stefan Saroiu, and Steve Gribble
  • Locating Internet Congestion, 3rd Floor, Poster # 5
    Andy Collins and Tom Anderson
  • Measuring ISP Network Topologies, 3rd Floor, Poster # 6
    Neil Spring, Ratul Mahajan, and David Wetherall


  • Denali: Lightweight Virtual Machines for Distributed and Networked Systems, 3rd Floor, Poster # 7
    Andrew Whitaker, Marianne Shaw, and Steve Gribble
  • one.world: Programming for Pervasive Computing Environments, 3rd Floor, Poster # 8
    Robert Grimm, Janet Davis, Eric Lemar, Adam MacBeth, Steven Swanson, Daniel Cheah, Tom Anderson, Brian Bershad, Gaetano Borriello, Steven Gribble, and David Wetherall
  • Security in Mobile Code Environments, 3rd Floor, Poster # 9
    Valentin Razmov and John Zahorjan

Hardware and Architecture

  • A Prefetching Memory System for Mediaprocessors, 3rd Floor, Poster # 10
    Stefan G. Berg, Donglok Kim, and Yongmin Kim
  • Evaluating SMT Web Server Performance, 3rd Floor, Poster # 11
    Dmitriy Portnov, Susan Eggers, and Steve Gribble
  • Fast Run-Time Program Analysis and Transformation via Staging, 3rd Floor, Poster # 12
    Sorin Lerner, Matthai Philipose, and Craig Chambers
  • Increasing thread-level parallelism through minithreads on SMT, 3rd Floor, Poster # 13
    Joshua Redstone, Susan Eggers, and Hank Levy

Invisible Computing

  • The Location Stack: Designing for Location-Aware Mobile Computing, 3rd Floor, Poster # 14
    Jeff Hightower
  • Bioglyphics: A Visual Language for Systems Biology, 3rd Floor, Poster # 15
    Michael Riches (ACMS), Jina Lee, and Bob Franza (CSI/Bioengineering)
  • Community Display: Providing Community Awareness Through a Public Display, 3rd Floor, Poster # 16
    Jong Hee Kang, Nicholas Noack, Dave Gasca (iSchool), Jenafer Nguyen (iSchool), Jeremy Cheung (iSchool), Lan Zhang (iSchool), and Deb Frisbie (iSchool)
  • CSE 476 Capstone Projects: Applications of the Intel Research Personal Server, 3rd Floor, Poster # 17
    CSE 476 Students (These posters are inside of room 327)
  • Debugging Distributed Asynchronous Event Systems, 3rd Floor, Poster # 18
    Liang Sun
  • Doodling Our Way to Better Authentication, 3rd Floor, Poster # 19
    Joe Goldberg (iSchool), Jenny Hagman (iSchool), and Vibha Sazawal
  • Intelligent Route Planning Through Realtime Traffic Analysis, 3rd Floor, Poster # 20
    Ryan Hennig and Sebastian Beresniewicz
  • Microsoft Outlook Multi-Calendar Synchronizer, 3rd Floor, Poster # 21
    Kelvin Lau
  • Path-Based Data Delivery System for Smart Environments, 3rd Floor, Poster # 22
    Jong Hee Kang
  • Contact: Intrabody Communication for Ubiquitous Computing, 3rd Floor, Poster # 23
    Kurt Partridge, Eugene Shih, Jeremy Coriell, Bret Sherman, and Boris Startsev
  • Tilttype: Text Entry for Watch-Sized Devices, 3rd Floor, Poster # 24
    Kurt Partridge, Saurav Chatterjee, Vibha Sazawal, and Roy Want (Intel Research)

Artificial Intelligence / Robotics / Speech

  • UW Huskies RoboCup Team, 4th Floor, Poster # 25
    David Azari, David Grimes, Cody Kwok, Aaron Shon, Zachary Crisman, Erik Curre, Luke Meyers, Nathan Ratliff, Leonid Tsybert, and Dieter Fox
  • Improving Web Interactions with Machine Learning, 4th Floor, Poster # 26
    Corin Anderson
  • High-Precision Natural Language Interfaces: A Graph Theoretic Approach, 4th Floor, Poster # 27
    Ana-Maria Popescu, Oren Etzioni, and Henry Kautz
  • Sample-Based Methods for Robot Soccer, 4th Floor, Poster # 30
    Cody Kwok and Dieter Fox
  • Text Normalization for Conversational Speech Language Modeling, 4th Floor, Poster # 31
    Sarah Schwarm and Mari Ostendorf

Computational Biology

  • Finding Splice Sites Using Secondary Structure, 4th Floor, Poster # 28
    Don Patterson, Ken Yasuhara, and Larry Ruzzo
  • Towards Pooling of Large-Scale Yeast Two-Hybrid Screens, 4th Floor, Poster # 29
    Zasha Weinberg, Walter L. Ruzzo, and Rimli Sengupta

Databases and Educational Technology

  • A Scalable Algorithm for Query Minimization, 4th Floor, Poster # 32
    Isaac Kunen
  • Efficient Data Distribution in a Peer Data Management System, 4th Floor, Poster # 33
    Peter Mork and Maya Rodrig
  • Matching and Merging in Model Management, 4th Floor, Poster # 34
    Rachel Pottinger
  • Query Answering in Peer-To-Peer Databases, 4th Floor, Poster # 35
    Igor Tatarinov
  • Semantic Mappings for Data Mediation, 4th Floor, Poster # 36
    AnHai Doan, Pedro Domingos, Alon Halevy, and Jayant Madhavan
  • Xquery to SQL, 4th Floor, Poster # 37
    Yana Kadiyska

Graphics and Vision

  • Rapid Shape Acquisition by Color Structured Light and Multipass Dynamic Programming, 3 Floor, GRAIL
    Li Zhang, Brian Curless, and Steve Seitz
  • Skeletal Animation of Deformable Characters, 3 Floor, GRAIL
    Steve Capell, Seth Green, Brian Curless, Tom Duchamp, and Zoran Popovic
  • Adaptable Animated Presentations, 3 Floor, GRAIL
    Doug Zongker, Tomer Moscovich, Karin Scholz, John Hughes, and David Salesin
  • Adaptive Document Layout via Manifold Content, 3 Floor, GRAIL
    Chuck Jacobs (MSR), Wilmot Li, and David Salesin
  • Articulated Body Deformation from Range Scan Data, 3 Floor, GRAIL
    Brett Allen, Brian Curless, and Zoran Popovic
  • Escherization, 3 Floor, GRAIL
    Craig Kaplan and David Salesin
  • Image and Video Matting, 3 Floor, GRAIL
    Yung-Yu Chuang, Aseem Agarwala, Brian Curless, David Salesin, and Richard Szeliski
  • Interactive Design of Pop-up Structures, 3 Floor, GRAIL
    Christopher Thompson
  • Islamic Star Patterns in Absolute Geometry, 3 Floor, GRAIL
    Craig Kaplan and David Salesin
  • Sketching Realistic Character Motion, 3 Floor, GRAIL
    C. Karen Liu and Zoran Popovic

Programming Languages and Software Engineering

  • ArchJava: Connecting Software Architecture to Implementation, 4th Floor, Poster # 38
    Jonathan Aldrich, Craig Chambers, and David Notkin
  • Integrating Object-oriented and Functional Reuse with EML, 4th Floor, Poster # 39
    Todd Millstein and Craig Chambers
  • Prioritizing Test Cases for Regression Testing Based on Boundary Value Coverage, 4th Floor, Poster # 40
    Tao Xie and David Notkin
  • User-Defined Reductions in ZPL, 4th Floor, Poster # 41
    Steve Deitz, Brad Chamberlain, and Larry Snyder


  • Bit Allocation and the Multiple-Choice Knapsack Problem, 4th Floor, Poster # 42
    Alexander Mohr
  • Comparison of Stream Merging Algorithms for Media-On-Demand, 4th Floor, Poster # 43
    Amotz Bar-Noy, Justin Goshi, Richard Ladner, and Kenneth Tam
  • Maximum Startup Delay Guarantee for Media-On-Demand, 4th Floor, Poster # 44
    Dan Hoke, Amotz Bar-Noy, and Richard Ladner
  • Practical Aspects of Competitive Auctions, 4th Floor, Poster # 45
    Jason Hartline
  • Improved Satisfiability Testing Using Ordered Clause Learning, 4th Floor, Poster # 46
    Ashish Sabharwal, Paul Beame and Henry Kautz