UW Computer Science & Engineering highly encourages Industry Affiliates to be involved with our students here on campus.

Of course, the most important form of involvement is active participation in the annual meeting of our Industry Affiliates Program. Held in the fall, this meeting includes a day of technical interchange, and a second day of student recruiting in our Atrium. Please be sure to plan for your participation in this year's meeting.

student and recruiters participating in interview round robin eventBecause an increasing number of companies are asking for ways to get involved, we have developed this webpage to give you ideas on how your company can participate in everything from technical talks, to industry representative panels, to helping with mock-interviews, contributing to our student organizations, and much more. Here are the many ways you can become involved:

  1. Technical Talks: visiting company usually discusses technology the company uses, sometimes included with a recruiting talk
  2. Recruiting/Informational Talks: visiting company usually discusses positions available at their company, brings current students who are working for them, gives information about work environment, sometimes included with tech talk.
  3. Employer Panel: serve as a panelist for our employer panel which is geared towards preparing students for the interview process.
  4. Mock Technical Interviews: engineers, hiring managers, or other technical interviewers serve as volunteer mock-interviewers to give our students a feedback on a practice-run technical interview
  5. Panelist, Women's Seminar: women from your company serve on a panel of local women in industry to relay their experiences/joys to help recruit young women into the field of CSE
  6. Company Tour, Women's Seminar: arrange for a group of approximately 20 women to tour your company. Usually lunch or snacks are provided as they tour the facilities and hear from current employees.
  7. ACM or ACM-W event sponsorship:
    • Fallfest, Winterfest or Spring Picnic (quarterly events for all CSE ugrad students to build community, approx. $500/event)
    • Entertainment Night (like a pizza party or the x-box tournament)
    • Provide end of quarter treats during finals ($500 donation)
    • Sponsor smoothie breaks ($100 donation)
    • Sponsor tea time for ACMW members ($100 donation)

To keep things manageable, we have instituted the following schedule for events such as technical talks, panels, etc.

  • Week 1: 1 event
  • Week 2: 2 events
  • Week 3: 3 events
  • Week 4: 3 events
  • Week 5: 2 events
  • Week 6: 2 events
  • Week 7: 1 event
  • Week 8: 0-1 event (students are preparing for finals)
  • Week 9: 0-1 event (students are preparing for finals)

For information on other ways to gain visibility for your company and open positions on campus, here are a few other excellent resources:

  • Don't forget the annual meeting of CSE's Industrial Affiliate Program
  • The UW Career Center can be particularly helpful if you are looking to recruit students from a variety of majors. They can help you arrange on-campus interviews in their office, info sessions, and get you information about the various career fairs that happen on campus each year.
  • The Engineering Co-op & Internship Program facilitates hiring of both undergraduate and graduate students for terms of 3, 6, or 9 months, during which time the students work full-time for the company but do not take classes. Students are paid by the company and fill roles very similar to engineering interns, with the main difference being that they also receive academic credit during their employment. Co-ops can be a great options for employers both in and outside the state of Washington, as students tend to be there longer than a traditional internship might permit, and they can be beneficial to the students because they maintain their student status, though technically are not enrolled in any coursework.
  • The Daily, the UW campus newspaper is a great place to advertise any open positions you might have available. They offer classified advertising space in their employment section.