Thursday, November 4: 1:30-4:00pm
Various locations throughout the building
Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science & Engineering

    Humanoid Robotics Lab, CSE 286

    • Bayesian Imitation Learning in a Robotic Head
      Matt Hoffman, Aaron Shon, Rajesh Rao, David Grimes

    Graphics and Animation Lab, CSE 291

    • Momentum-based Parameterization of Dynamic Character Motion
      C. Karen Liu
    • Cartooning 3D Video
      Noah Snavely, Sing Bing Kang, Larry Zitnick, Michael F. Cohen, Brian Curless
    • Animating Pictures with Stochastic Motion Textures
      Yung-Yu Chuang, Dan B Goldman, Brian Curless, David Salesin, Rick Szeliski
    • The Space of Human Body Shapes
      Brett Allen
    • Keyframe-Based Tracking for Rotoscoping and Animation
      Aseem Agarwala, Aaron Hertzmann, David Salesin, Steven Seitz
    • Interactive Digital Photomontage
      Aseem Agarwala, Mira Dontcheva, Maneesh Agrawala, Steven Drucker, Alex Colburn, Brian Curless, David Salesin, Michael Cohen
    • A Generative/Discriminative Learning Algorithm for Object Recognition
      Yi Li, Jeff A. Bilmes, Indriyati Atmosukartoand, and Linda G. Shapiro
    • Video-Based Document Tracking: Unifying Your Physical and Electronic Desktops
      Jiwon Kim, Steve Seitz, Maneesh Agrawala
    • Interactive Image-Based Exploded View Diagrams
      Wilmot Li, Maneesh Agrawala, David Salesin
    • Video Tooning
      Jue Wang, Yingqing Xu, Heung-Yeung Shum, Michael F, Cohen

    Systems and Networking Lab, CSE 391

    • Sustaining Cooperation in Multi-Hop Wireless Networks
      Ratul Mahajan, Maya Rodrig, David Wetherall, John Zahorjan
    • Efficient Endpoint Congestion Control
      Andy Collins, Tom Anderson, John Zahorjan
    • Stream Merging for Time-Shifted Media Broadcasts
      Tammy VanDeGrift, Richard Ladner
    • Leveraging Linearity to Build a Robus Motif Finder
      Jonathan Carlson, Arijit Chakravarty, Robert Gross
    • The INFACT GMA Gnome: Providing Automated Student Assessment via Graphical Models
      Nathan Evans, Steve Tanimoto

    Conference Room, CSE 403

    • CSE Professional Masters Program
      David Rispoli
    • Classroom Presenter
      Richard Anderson, Oliver Chung, Craig Prince, Jonathan Su, Peng Tea

    Ubiquitous Computing Lab, CSE 405

    • Reminders through Passive RFID Tagging
      Waylon Brunette, Matt Hall, Cameron Tangney, Gaetano Borriello
    • A Wireless RFID Tranceiver for Recording and Extending Museum Visits
      Sherry Hsi, Rob Semper, Waylon Brunette, Adam Rea, Gaetano Borriello
    • The RFID Ecosystem: An Experimental Facility for RFID Research
      Gaetano Borriello
    • Extracting Places from Traces of Locations
      Jong Hee Kang, William Welbourne, Benjamin Stewart and Gaetano Borriello
    • Musicology: An Exploratory Study of the Personal Server Concept
      Trevor Pering, Evan Welbourne, Lamar Gardere, Roy Want, John Light
    • Place Extraction and Labeling Using Everyday Sensors
      Evan Welbourne, Gaetano Borriello, Anthony LaMarca
    • Ubiquitous Broadcast Computing: An Approach for Privacy-Conscious and Scalable Applications
      Jong Hee Kang, T. Scott Saponas, Joel Bergman, Joseph Lai, Brad Woodward, and Gaetano Borriello
    • Choosing the Right Modalities and Features for Activity Recognition
      Jonathan Lester
    • Extending Place Lab to 3-D
      Alan Liu, Gaetano Borriello, Harlan Hile

    Conference Room, CSE 503

    • Automated Tactilization of Graphical Images: Full Access to Math, Science and Engineering for Blind Students
      Melody Ivory-Ndiaye, Richard Ladner, Raj Rao, Sheryl Burgstahler, Sangyun Hahn, Chelle Batchelor, Andrew Martin, Beverly Slabosky, Satria Krisnandi, Maha Ramasamy, and Matt Renzelman

    Hardware and Embedded Systems Lab, CSE 505

    • A Compiled Accelerator for Biological Cell Signaling Simulations
      Christopher Bradley, Kevin West, John Keane, Carl Ebeling
    • WaveScalar
      Andrew Petersen, Steve Swanson, Andrew Schwerin, Andrew Petersen, Martha Mercaldi, Andrew Putnam, Ken Michelson, David Sunderland, Mark Oskin, Susan Eggers, Tom Anderson, Carl Ebeling, and Hank Levy
    • Group Testing for Video 2.0
      Dane Barney, Tian Li, Matt Renzelmann, Mike Ringenburg, Gidon Shavit, Richard Ladner, Eve Riskin
    • Computational Geometry of Mayan Pyrite Mirrors
      Tian Li, Eric Winges, and Richard Ladner
    • Cache Efficient Simple Dynamic Programming
      Cary Cherng and Richard Ladner

    Operating Systems Lab, CSE 591

    • The Data Turbine
      Gaurav Bhaya, Brian Bershad
    • Extensible Modules for Object-Oriented Languages
      Keunwoo Lee, Craig Chambers
    • Rhodium: Relieving Humans of the Burden of Writing Compilers
      Sorin Lerner, Erika Rice
    • Foundational Type Qualifiers
      Andrei Alexandrescu, Craig Chambers
    • A ZPL Datastructure for N-body Problems
      Julian Walker, Steve Deitz, Larry Snyder
    • Distributed Detection of Anomalous Aggregates
      Ankur Jain, David Wetherall, Joseph M Hellerstein and Sylvia Ratnasamy

    Human Computer Interface Lab, CSE 603

    • Topiary: A Tool for Prototyping Location-Enhanced Applications
      Yang Li, Jason Hong and James Landay
    • Informal Animation Sketching: Requirements and Design
      Richard C. Davis, James Landay
    • The Impact of Pre-Patterns on the Design of Digital Home Applications
      James Landay, T. Scott Saponas, Madhu Prabaker, Gregory Abowd
    • Value Sensitive Design in Industry: A Case Study at Microsoft Research
      Jessica Miller, Alan Borning, Batya Friedman and Gavin Jancke
    • User-Device Association
      Kurt Partridge, Gaetano Borriello
    • SUPPLE: Automatically Generating Personalizable User Interfaces
      Krzysztof Gajos, Raphael Hoffmann and Daniel S. Weld

    Database Lab, CSE 605

    • The BioMediator System as a Tool for Integrating Biologic Databases
      Peter Mork, Ron Shaker, Alon Halevy and Peter Tarczy-Hornoch
    • MystiQ: A System for Returning Probabilistic Answers to Hard Queries
      Jihad Boulos, Nilesh Dalvi, Bhushan Mandhani, Shobhit Mathur, Christopher Re, Dan Suciu

    Artificial Intelligence / Datamining Lab, CSE 609

    • Dynamic Probabilistic Relational Models
      Sumit Sanghai, Pedro Domingos and Daniel Weld
    • Collective Record Linkage
      Parag, Pedro Domingos
    • Reading Level Assessment Using Stastistical Language Models
      Sarah Schwarm and Mari Ostendorf
    • Learning to Automatically Assess Student Writing
      Adam Carlson
    • Comparing Word Usage Using Latent Semantic Analysis
      Simon Pai, Adam Carlson, Steve Tanimoto
    • Cachet: A New Effective Solver for Model Counting
      Tian Sang, Henry Kautz, Paul Beame, Fahiem Bacchus, Toniann Pitassi
    • The Specification of Agent Behavior by Ordinary People: A Case Study
      Luke McDowell, Oren Etzioni, and Alon Halevy
    • Opportunity Knocks
      Donald J. Patterson, Lin Liao, Krzysztof Gajos, Michael Collier, Nik Livic, Katherine Olson, Shiaokai Wang, Dieter Fox, Henry Kautz
    • Leveraging the Web for Large-Scale Ontology Extension
      Ana-Maria Popescu, Oren Etzioni