Poster and Demo Session

Wednesday, October 24: 5:00-7:00pm
Various locations throughout the Paul G. Allen Center
Madrona Prize Presentation, 7:15-7:45 p.m.
Microsoft Atrium
(Last updated 23 October 2012)

  • Graphics, Vision, Animation, and Games for Learning, CSE 291

    • 3D Puppetry: A Kinect-based Interface for 3D Animation
      Robin Held, Ankit Gupta, Brian Curless, Maneesh Agarwala
    • Candid Portrait Selection from Video
      Juliet Fiss, Aseem Agarwala, Brian Curless
    • CranioGUI: A User Interface for Craniofacial Analysis Tools
      Michael Lam, Ezgi Mercan, Linda Shapiro
    • DuploTrack: A Reatime System for Authoring and Guiding Duplo Block Assembly
      Ankit Gupta, Dieter Fox, Brian Curless, Michael Cohen
    • Hint Modalities in Educational Games
      Eleanor O'Rourke, Christy Ballweber, Zoran Popović
    • Image-Based Remodeling
      Alex Colburn, Aseem Agarwala, Aaron Hertzmann, Brian Curless, Michael F. Cohen
    • Parametric Design of Interactive Experiences
      Erik Andersen, Sumit Gulwani (MSR), and Zoran Popović
    • Photo tours (3dimPVT 2012) (DEMO)
      Avanish Kushal, Ben Self, Yasutaka Furukawa, David Gallup, Carloz Hernandez, Brian Curless, Steve Seitz
    • Refractive Height Fields from Single and Multiple Images
      Qi Shan, Sameer Agarwal, and Brian Curless
    • RRT-Based Game Level Analysis, Visualization, and Visual Refinement (DEMO)
      Aaron Bauer and Zoran Popović
    • Teaching Handwriting with Letters in Motion
      Robert Thompson, Steve Tanimoto, Virginia Berninger
    • Tremor Detection Using Motion Filtering and SVM
      Bilge Soran, Jenq-Neng Hwang, Su-In Lee, Linda Shapiro

  • Data Management Systems, CSE 405

    • Dynamic Fault-Tolerance in Big Data Systems
      Jingjing Wang, Shengliang Xu, and Magdalena Balazinska
    • Dynamic Workload Driven Data Integration in Tableau
      Kristi Morton, Ross Bunker (Tableau), Jock Mackinlay (Tableau), Robert Morton (Tableau), and Chris Stolte (Tableau)
    • How to Price Shared Optimizations in the Cloud
      Prasang Upadhyaya, Magdalena Balazinska, and Dan Suciu
    • Query-Based Data Pricing
      Paraschos Koutris, Prasang Upadhyaya, Magdalena Balazinska, Bill Howe and Dan Suciu
    • QueryMarket Demonstration: Pricing for Online Data Markets
      Paraschos Koutris, Prasang Upadhyaya, Magdalena Balazinska, Bill Howe and Dan Suciu
    • Serving Massive Earth Simulations over the Internet
      Scott Moe (Applied Math), Bill Howe
    • Time Travel in a Scientific Array Database
      Emad Soroush and Magdalena Balazinska

  • Robotics, CSE 407

    • Adaptive Wireless Power for Chronic Electrocorticography (ECoG)
      Vasmi Talla and Joshua R. Smith
    • Battery Free Wireless Sensors for Pervasive Computing
      Vasmi Talla and Joshua R. Smith
    • Classifying Brain Signals with Ensemble Techniques
      Sam Sudar, Tim Blakely, Jeff Ojemann, Raj Rao
    • Computational Control for Automation
      Krishnamurthy Dvijotham, Emanuel Todorov
    • How Prior Probability Influences Decision Making: A Unifying Probabilistic Model
      Yanping Huang, Abram Friesen, Tim Hanks, Michael Shadlen and Rajesh Rao
    • Robotic Grasping and Shape Acquisition Via Pretouch Sensing
      Liang-Ting Jiang and Joshua R. Smith
    • Synthesis of complex behaviors for robots and prosthetic devices
      Vikash Kumar, Emanuel Todorov, Igor Mordatch, Tom Erez, Yuval Tassa, Zhe Xu
    • Wireless Power for Left Ventricular Assist Device
      Ben Waters, Scott Wisdom, Brody Mahoney, Chen Shi, Joshua Smith
    • Wirelessly Powered Indoor Acoustic RFID Localization
      Yi Zhao, Aaron Parks, Vamsi Talla, Joshua R. Smith

  • ISTC for Pervasive Computing, CSE 491

    • 3-D Object Segmentation from Motion
      Evan Herbst, Xiaofeng Ren, Dieter Fox
    • Attribute Based Object Identification
      Yuyin Sun, Liefeng Bo, and Dieter Fox
    • Fine-Grained Activity Recognition using RGB-D
      Jinna Lei, Xiaofeng Ren, Dieter Fox
    • Indoor Scene Understanding with RGB-D Data
      Xiaofeng Ren, Liefeng Bo, Dieter Fox
    • Interactive Semantic Mapping
      Heinrich Mellmann, Dieter Fox
    • Learning Hierarchical Features for RGB-D Based Object Recognition
      Liefeng Bo, Xiaofeng Ren and Dieter Fox
    • RGB-D Mapping: Using Kinect-style Depth Cameras for Dense 3D Modeling of Indoor Environments
      Peter Henry, Michael Krainin, Evan Herbst, Xiaofeng Ren, Dieter Fox
    • RGB-D Object Recognition: Features, Algorithms, and a Large Scale Benchmark
      Kevin Lai, Liefeng Bo, Xiaofeng Ren, and Dieter Fox
    • Robotic Language Acquisition
      Cynthia Matuszek,* Nicholas FitzGerald,* Liefeng Bo, Evan Herbst, Luke Zettlemoyer, Dieter Fox

  • Computer Systems / Systems & Networking, CSE 591

    • Bringing predictable low latency to data center services
      Jialin Li, Naveen Kr. Sharma, Steven D. Gribble
    • Efficient Compiler-Integrated Mutation Testing using Dynamic and Static Analysis
      René Just
    • FreeDOM: a New Baseline for the Web
      Raymond Cheng, Will Scott
    • Inferring Models of Distributed Systems from Logs of their Behavior
      Ivan Beschastnikh, Michael D. Ernst, Thomas E. Anderson, Arvind Krishnamurthy
    • Middleboxes for Increased Transparency and Control of Mobile Traffic
      Ashwin Rao, Justine Sherry, David Choffnes, Arnaud Legout, Arvind Krishnamurthy, Walid Dabbous
    • Privacy in an IPv6 Internet
      Seungyeop Han, Vincent Liu, Qifan Pu, Simon Peter, Tom Anderson, Arvind Krishnamurthy, David Wetherall
    • Rethinking Storage for Non-Volatile Memory
      Peter Hornyack, Katelin Bailey, Luis Ceze, Steve Gribble, Hank Levy
    • Root Cause Analysis for Internet Path Changes
      Umar Javed, Italo Cunha, David Choffnes, Ethan Katz-Bassett, Arvind Krishnamurthy, Tom Anderson

  • Computing for Development, CSE 603

    • Closing the Feedback Loop: Performance Feedback for CHWs
      Brian DeRenzi
    • Digital Public Health: Community Video Distribution
      Trevor Perrier
    • Health Data Visualization Platform
      Fahad Pervaiz, Luke Dressel, Adam Rule, Richard Anderson
    • Milk Banking - Pasteurization of Human Breast Milk in Low-resource Settings
      Rohit Chaudhri, William Pitts, Darivanh Vlachos, Gaetano Borriello, Penny Reimers, Anna Coutsoudis, Noah Perin, Kiersten Israel-Ballard
    • Mobile Wellness Toolkit
      Gaetano Borriello, Richard Anderson, Beth Kolko, Brian DeRenzi, Kiersten Israel-Ballard, and Noah Perin
    • Open Data Kit: Building Information Services for Developing Regions
      Waylon Brunette, Mitch Sundt, Nathan Breit, Gaetano Borriello
    • ODK Diagnostics: Mobile Tools for Point-of-Care Diagnostics in the Developing World
      Nicola Dell, Gaetano Borriello
    • ODK Scan: Digitizing Paper Forms with Mobile Imaging Technologies
      Nicola Dell, Nathan Breit, Kate Waldman, Jacob O Wobbrock, Gaetano Borriello
    • ODK Sensors: A Sensor Integration Framework for Android at the Application-Level
      Waylon Brunette, Rohit Chaudhri, Mayank Goel, Gaetano Borriello
    • ODK Tables: A Customizable Data Browser and Organizer for Android Devices
      Sam Sudar, Waylon Brunette, Hilary Worden, Dylan Price, Gaetano Borriello

  • Artificial Intelligence / Datamining, CSE 609

    • A Tractable First-Order Probabilistic Logic
      Pedro Domingos and W. Austin Webb
    • Extracting a Calendar from Twitter
      Alan Ritter, Mausam, Oren Etzioni, Sam Clark
    • Extremer Extraction: Interactive Learning of Relation Extractors with Weak Supervision
      Raphael Hoffmann
    • Fine-Grained Entity Recognition
      Xiao Ling, Dan Weld
    • Information Extraction for Education Search
      Mitchell Koch, Jonathan Bragg, Daniel S. Weld
    • Knowledge Extraction and Joint Inference Using Tractable Markov Logic
      Chloé Kiddon and Pedro Domingos
    • Learning to Recover Meaning from Unannotated Conversational Interactions
      Yoav Artzi and Luke Zettlemoyer
    • Learning Tractable Markov Logic Networks
      Aniruddh Nath and Pedro Domingos
    • Rel-grams: A Probabilistic Model of Relations in Text
      Niranjan Balasubramanian, Stephen Soderland, Mausam, Oren Etzioni
    • Sparse logistic regression models for medical image analysis
      Shulin Yang, Linda G. Shapiro
    • Toward Clowder: Automatic Decision Theoretic Optimization of Workflows for Crowdsourcing
      Christopher H. Lin, Mausam, Daniel S. Weld


  • Architecture / Programming Languages, CSE 615

    • Automated Diagnosis of Software Configuration Errors
      Sai Zhang  and Michael D. Ernst
    • Grappa: Scalable Computing on Commodity Hardware for Irregular Applications
      Jacob Nelson, Brandon Holt, Brandon Myers, Simon Kahan, Preston Briggs, Luis Ceze, Mark Oskin
    • n Wrongs Make a Right: How to save time, energy, and complexity using the power of mistakes
      Adrian Sampson, Werner Dietl, Hadi Esmaeilzadeh, Michael Ringenburg, Renee St. Amant, Thierry Moreau, Andre Baixo, Emily Fortuna, Finn Parnell, Danushen Gnanapragasam, Luis Ceze, Dan Grossman, Karin Strauss, Doug Burger
    • Sparta @ UW – Static Program Analysis for Reliable Trusted Apps
      Yoshi Kohno, Micheal Ernst, David Wetherall, Tamara Denning Werner Dietl, Jaeyeon Jung, Karl Koscher Eric Spishak, Seungyeop Han, Franzi Roesner, Mark Davis, Seungyeop Han, Edward Wu, Ravi Bhoraskar, Stuart Pernsteiner
    • Timelapse: Interactive record/replay for the web (DEMO)
      Brian Burg, Richard Bailey, Andrew J. Ko, Michael D. Ernst


  • Security, Sensing, Sustainability, Accessibility, and HCI, CSE 691

    • An Ultra-Low-Power Human Body Motion Sensor Using Static Electric Field Sensing
      Gabe Cohn (EE), Sidhant Gupta (CSE), Tien-Jui Lee (EE), Dan Morris (MSR), Joshua R. Smith (CSE, EE), Matthew S. Reynolds (Duke), Desney S. Tan (MSR), Shwetak N. Patel (CSE, EE)
    • Cascade: Creating Crowdsourced Taxonomies
      Lydia B. Chilton, Greg Little, Darren Edge, Daniel S. Weld, James A. Landay
    • Control-Alt-Hack: White Hat Hacking for Fun and Profit (A Card Game for Computer Security Education and Outreach)
      Tamara Denning, Adam Shostack, and Tadayoshi Kohno
    • Gesture Coder: Programming Multi-Touch Gestures by Demonstration
      Hao Lü, Yang Li (Google)
    • GripSense: Using Built-In Sensors to Detect Hand Posture and Pressure on Commodity Mobile Phones
      Mayank Goel (CSE), Jake Wobbrock (ISchool), Shwetak Patel (CSE,EE)
    • Lullaby: A Capture & Access System for Understanding the Sleep Environment
      Matthew Kay (CSE), Eun Kyoung Choe (iSchool), Jesse Shepherd (CSE), Benjamin Greenstein (CSE), Nathaniel Watson (UW Medicine), Sunny Consolvo (CSE), Julie A. Kientz (HCDE)
    • Origin-Bound Certificates: A Fresh Approach to Strong Client Authentication for the Web
      Alexei Czeskis
    • Prefab: Modifying an Graphical Interface
      Morgan Dixon and James Fogarty
    • SoundWave: Using the Doppler Effect to Sense Gestures
      Sidhant Gupta (CSE), Dan Morris (MSR), Shwetak Patel (CSE,EE), Desney Tan (MSR)
    • SpiroSmart: Using a Microphone to Measure Lung Function on a Mobile Phone
      Eric C. Larson (EE), Mayank Goel (CSE), Gaetano Boriello (CSE), Sonya Heltshe (Children's Hospital), Margaret Rosenfeld (Children's Hospital), Shwetak N. Patel (CSE, EE)
    • Statistical Affect Detection in Collaborative Chat
      Katie Kuksenok
    • The Living Voters Guide: Washington's Citizen-powered Voters Guide
      Travis Kriplean, Alan Borning, Lance Bennett (Political Science, Communication), Sheetal Agarwal (Communication), Courtney Johnson (Communication), Caterina Rost (Political Science)
    • Tracking Tracker: A Web Tracking Information Platform
      Chris Rovillos, Franziska Roesner, Tadayoshi Kohno
    • User-Driven Access Control
      Franziska Roesner, Tadayoshi Kohno, Alexander Moshchuk, Bryan Parno, Helen J. Wang, Crispin Cowanl
    • User Interface Toolkit Mechanisms for Securing Interface Elements
      Franziska Roesner, James Fogarty, Tadayoshi Kohno
    • Utiliscope: A tool that measures the value of a user interface
      Michael Toomim, Travis Kriplean, Claus Pörtner, James A. Landay
    • uTouch: Sensing Touch Gestures on Uninstrumented LCD Screens
      Ke-Yu Chen (EE), Gabe Cohn (EE), Sidhant Gupta (CSE), Shwetak Patel (CSE, EE)


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