CSE Industrial Affiliate Members Recruiting at the 2012 Fall Recruiting Fair
TUESDAY, October 23, 2012, 3:30 - 6:00 p.m.

Microsoft Atrium, Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science & Engineering

Please check back for updates.

Restricted to students and Industry Affiliates of UW Computer Science & Engineering.
Company Company Description
1Energy Systems 1Energy Systems advises electric utility customers on grid-connected energy storage.
3Tier Environmental 3TIER helps the global energy market manage renewable energy risk. A pioneer in wind and solar generation risk analysis, 3TIER uses weather science to frame the risk of weather-driven variability – anywhere on earth, across all time horizons. With offices serving North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, Latin America, and the Asia Pacific region, 3TIER has global reach with services spanning renewable energy project feasibility, energy marketing, and asset management.
A Place for Rover Rover.com is a new, exciting, and well-funded startup trying to revolutionize (or as we like to say Roverlutionize) the dog boarding and sitting industry. At Rover.com we believe there must be a better solution for dog owners than locking their dog in a cage or constantly imposing on friends and family. Our mission is to allow dog owners to easily tap into the 46+ million U.S. dog-owning households as well as myriad other pet lovers & dog care professionals to meet their dog care needs. Our approach will greatly increase the number of high quality, local and affordable options for dog owners.
Apptio, Inc. Apptio is a high growth software company pioneering a new market segment called Technology Business Management. We're focused on helping our customers solve the big problems of running the business of IT. We're fast moving, results oriented and passionate about our work. We're looking for sharp, successful people who want to be part of the team building the next big thing. We work hard and play hard too. We take care of our employees, enjoy a fun work culture and reward success. Above all, we're passionate about what we do. We're always looking for people who share our values of openness, collaboration, innovation and focus on customers.
Bonanza The "Bonanza" online marketplace as you see it today is the combination of "Bonanza" (previously "Bonanzle"), and our 2010 acquisition, "1000 Markets." Bonanza has been built as a marketplace focused on letting every sellers start selling online quickly and easily, in an online shop that saves them upwards of 50-100% over eBay fees. From day one of business.
Box Box was founded on a simple, powerful idea: people should be able to access and share their content from anywhere. Since 2005, Box has helped more than 11 million individuals, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies do just that. We want to reinvent what businesses can do with their content through Box's content sharing platform, made for a new kind of worker, a new kind of workplace and a new kind of IT.
CareZone CareZone simplifies the lives of those caring for children, partners and aging parents. We provide a simple and entirely private environment where family and helpers can stay organized and coordinated. CareZone’s cloud services help you organize and manage information on tablets, smartphones and computers, and stay connected to family and other helpers with whom you may share care responsibilities. The CareZone team applies technology to human problems — we also try to have a little fun along the way. We’ve been a part of some of the most amazing innovations the world has ever seen, and worked alongside great inventors, investors, leaders in health, business, and government – people who committed to and delivered positive change at global scale.
CAC Vantage Sports Vantage Sports is reinventing the way that sports teams, media and fans gather, analyze, and use data. We are creating tools for the most extensive and visionary data set in the history of sports and we are looking to hire passionate talent.
Context Relevant The explosion of enterprise Big Data has created an unparalleled opportunity for businesses to improve operations, predict needs, and deepen customer relationships. But for most companies, the volume and velocity of Big Data is turning this opportunity into paralysis. While a handful of search engine companies have the capability to extract value from Big Data, most organizations simply can’t afford the hardware or data science teams required to accomplish this. At Context Relevant, we’ve developed a radically different approach that enables enterprise analysts to deliver the types of results that require high priced consultants, sizable data science teams, and expensive infrastructures with other methods.
Convergent.io Convergent.io’s mission is to free virtualization customers from the cost and complexity of today's monolithic storage architecture and enable them to focus on their data and applications. Backed by venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, we are developing an integrated software-defined storage and networking model that abstracts configuration and functionality from the underlying hardware while making use of innovative storage networking integration and high-performance, commodity hardware to help customers realize the vision of a software-defined datacenter.
Coursera Coursera is a social entrepreneurship company that partners with the top universities in the world to offer courses online for anyone to take, for free. We envision a future where the top universities are educating not only thousands of students, but millions. Our technology enables the best professors to teach tens or hundreds of thousands of students. Through this, we hope to give everyone access to the world-class education that has so far been available only to a select few. We want to empower people with education that will improve their lives, the lives of their families, and the communities they live in.
Crystal Commerce CrystalCommerce provides innovative tools and services that empower both buyers and sellers to connect efficiently within niche markets by connecting physical in-store inventories to digital sales opportunities online. It is our mission to use our technology to facilitate niche commerce transactions by way of simplifying complex online operations, integrating their digitized inventories with new and novel online markets, and providing easier-to-understand data about their company, growth, and profitability.
EnergySavvy There is one simple idea underlying everything we do: we make energy efficiency easier and more accessible for homeowners. Energy efficiency upgrades can be daunting, so we create software-driven solutions with great user experiences to streamline the process. EnergySavvy's software powers utility and government energy efficiency programs. Our products, Online Audit and Program Optix, accelerate uptake and guide homeowners through the energy efficiency upgrade process. They enable administrators to create, manage and optimize web-enabled residential energy efficiency programs.
EveryMove EveryMove is creating a rewards platform for your healthy moves. We enable insurance companies, employers, and brands to provide incentives and rewards based on your healthy lifestyle choices. We partner with and enable devices, apps, services, fitness studios, insurance companies, weight-loss programs and others, so we all can work together to make you the healthiest you can be! We are a fast growing startup based in downtown Seattle, and was founded by serial entrepreneurs who have a combined 30 years of experience building successful companies from the ground up. EveryMove is backed by top investors from Seattle and across the country.
Flipboard, Inc. Headed by Mike McCue, former CEO of Tellme, and Evan Doll, former Senior iPhone Engineer at Apple, Flipboard is on a quest to transform how people discover, view and share content by combining the beauty and ease of print with the power of social media.
Flutter We hated using the keyboard or mouse for controlling music in the background or watching movies on our computers from a few feet away. So we decided to solve this problem by using hand gestures to control music and videos via the built-in webcam in your computer. Flutter is a startup that uses webcams to interpret motions and perform actions without a single touch. Co-created by one of the leading authorities in computer vision and backed by Y Combinator, Flutter took the blogosphere by storm when it first released its motion-control utility for OS X. Not because it did a lot – it could only play or pause music in select applications – but because it worked well and represented a shift in the way we interact with our devices.
Glympse Glympse is a mobile service that allows GPS-enabled mobile phone users to share their location via a Web-based map for a pre-set period of time with anyone they choose. Glympse was founded in 2008 by some guys who spent 15 years working together in various capacities at Microsoft. We set aside the security of the paychecks and benefits (like free sodas) that come with employment at a big multi-national corporation to create something we all believe passionately in – Glympse. We saw the emerging technical and social trends and saw a unique opportunity in time to create a new class of location sharing that visually answers the question "where are you?" for people who matter, when it matters.
Hangtime See all your friends' social lifes in one place so you never miss out!
Hark Hark is the world’s largest platform for pop culture sound bites. Hark has grown into one of the 10 largest entertainment/movies sites on the Web (comScore, 2012) with more than 50 million visitors per month worldwide. Content from Hark is both viral and interactive and creates a powerful, compelling entertainment experience for consumers and an attractive audience platform for advertisers. Hark, founded in 2007 by David Aronchick and Fouad ElNaggar, is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.
iJet Onboard iJet Onboard is an aerospace company with a passion for innovation. We are enabling the intelligent aircraft by building a platform and applications for the future of aviation. Current point solutions require costly hardware and extensive custom software development. Our approach delivers an open platform to collect and disseminate aircraft data during all phases of flight. Together with our partners we leverage this data over iJet's common infrastructure to provide software-based solutions which transform airline processes, increase revenue and reduce costs for our airline customers.
InfiniteZ Infinite Z, Inc.® is a digital design technology provider that enables natural interaction with virtual-holographic 3D imagery to bring designs to life. The company’s mission is to transform human interactions with today’s computing environment into an incredibly lifelike, interactive and immersive experience. Its revolutionary platform, zSpace®, provides a highly realistic visualization experience that enables designers and engineers to directly interact with virtual holographic simulations as if they were real physical objects, which accelerates the design and development process and increases productivity.
Jawfish Games Jawfish Games was founded in January 2012 by eight experienced technologists with an idea: almost any game played in a tournament format is instantly fun, compelling, and social. We believe that there isn't enough competition in social gaming. The stale Game-Center type leader boards are boring and downright meaningless. Our vision is for games that are "Powered by Jawfish" to be immediately recognizable as real-time, competitive, and incredibly fun. Game on.
JW Secure JW Secure offers a range of services. Our custom software development engagements — for independent software vendors and major IT projects — enable clients to leverage our first-hand knowledge of the security features of Microsoft’s operating systems and applications so that they may deliver secure, dependable software of their own.
LearnSprout At LearnSprout our mission is to make education data universally accessible yet secure. Open, transparent, and accessible data increases the pace of innovation and brings accountability to any industry. Having witnessed the revolution that data transparency has brought and continues to bring to the consumer software industry, we are driven to do the same for education.
LiquidPlanner LiquidPlanner is a growing Seattle-area startup that makes groundbreaking online project management software. Working at LiquidPlanner offers tons of learning opportunities: marketing / search engine optimization, content development, community management, program management, software development, small business operations, and more.
Microryza Microryza is based in Seattle, WA. We're researchers and scientists committed to helping ideas grow.
Mixpo Mixpo is a cloud-based video advertising platform that enables Media Companies, Brand Advertisers, and Agencies to create and deploy interactive, multi-screen video ads at scale. Media Companies use Mixpo’s platform to seamlessly extend TV campaigns across all of their digital properties – websites, mobile sites, and apps. Advertisers and Agencies use the platform to generate immersive, brand-rich video ads with unprecedented speed and ease. Mixpo’s platform delivers the broadest and deepest array of video ad campaign reports available so Media Companies, Brand Advertisers, and Agencies can readily plan and act on campaigns with informed confidence.
Ooyala Ooyala markets the most innovative online video solutions in the world. Our team of passionate professionals works with leading companies to create revolutionary media experiences every day. Ooyala is consistently named one of the top places to work, and our culture encourages collaboration, innovation, risk-taking and big thinking.
Opscode Opscode is the leader in cloud infrastructure automation. We help companies of all sizes develop fully automated server infrastructures that scale easily and predictably, and can be quickly rebuilt in any environment, saving developers and systems engineers time and money. We're a small team, consisting mostly of developers and operations experts. We offer competitive salaries, equity, solid benefits, telecommuting, flextime, a variety of interesting projects, a downtown office on the bus line, and amazing co-workers. We're based in Seattle, WA but have employees from coast to coast.
PagerDuty, Inc. We build PagerDuty, an IT operations tool that reduces downtime by helping businesses reliably and rapidly respond to high-severity incidents in real time. We’re a San Francisco based startup backed by some of the Valley’s most prominent investors, including Y Combinator.
Parlor Parlor is a social reader that facilitates group learning. Students, colleagues and members of an organization can broaden and deepen their knowledge of the issues and topics they care about by sharing what they're reading and more importantly, how they're reading. Parlor supplements the articles you share with knowledge about the reading habits of the group as a whole, using social dynamics to push each reader to read more attentively and omnivorously. With every interaction you have with Parlor, you learn a little bit more about yourself and the community of people around you.
Qumulo Qumulo is a Seattle based, venture funded, stealth-mode startup founded by Peter Godman, Neal Fachan, and Aaron Passey, the architects of the Isilon OneFS filesystem. No further information is available at this time but this field does have a 250 character minimum.
Sift Science Sift Science helps sites protect themselves from malicious users, such as fraudsters, spammers, or scammers, by using machine learning to predict when a user will result in a ban or chargeback. Sift Science is a tight-knit team of hackers with a passion for data. In past lives, we've worked on payments, anti-spam, sentiment analysis, speech recognition, search quality, topic modeling, text recognition, and more, and we're looking for great people to join the team.
Simply Measured At Simply Measured is a fast-growing team of data geeks dedicated to making the world of analytics and reporting a better, more beautiful place. Our goal is to put the tools to understand business data in the hands of business users. Our software streamlines the process from data to deliverables, eliminating the pain and frustration of everyday reporting tasks. We do this by tapping into dozens of cloud-based data sources and APIs, providing a marketplace of best practice reports, and generating beautiful deliverables on the web, in Excel, and in PowerPoint with a couple of clicks. We’re backed by a fantastic group of venture funds and angel investors, but we also have real revenue that is growing fast.
SnapLogic At SnapLogic, we are transforming how companies connect business applications, both on-premise and in the cloud. With SnapLogic, companies can connect any combination of applications and data sources while achieving a radical improvement in cost and performance over traditional integration solutions.
Socrata At Socrata is the leading developer and provider of Open Data Services, a category of cloud-based Web 2.0 solutions that enable federal, state, and local governments to dramatically improve the reach, usability and social utility of their public information assets.
Tenacity Sports At Tenacity Sports is a new sports and social community based out of Seattle. We're here to bring new and exciting experiences to passionate athletes and sports enthusiasts. There's a lot of things cooking right, so stay tuned. In the meantime, we're getting off-the-ground by hosting awesome sports leagues and tourneys around the area.
Tipbit, Inc.
Topix At Topix is the leading news community on the Web, connecting people to the information and discussions that matter to them in every U.S. town and city. A Top 10 online newspaper destination (comScore, June 2011), the site links news from 67,000 sources to 450,000 news topics. Topix also works with some of the nation's major media companies to grow and engage their online audiences through forums and RSS feeds. Based in Palo Alto, Calif., Topix LLC is a privately held company with investment from Gannett Co., Inc. (NYSE: GCI), The McClatchy Company (NYSE: MNI) and Tribune Company.
Upstart Upstart was founded by a team of ex-Googlers with a simple idea - to help you do what you’re meant to do. We noticed that too many talented college grads take jobs they’re not excited about, rather than following their true passion. Whether constrained by debt or just comforted by traditional career options, too many students take the perceived "safe path." Upstart aims to help you with the most important part of pursuing your dreams - taking the first step. It may be as simple as applying for an internship, relocating to another city, or spending a few months in a garage working on your idea. Your Upstart backers will provide you with a modest amount of capital, combined with the support and guidance you’ll need. In return, you share a small portion of your income for 10 years. By matching you with the right backers and by providing just a slice of economic freedom - where repayment is based on your future success - we help you get started on the right path.
Walk Score Walk Score's mission is to promote walkable neighborhoods. Walkable neighborhoods are one of the simplest and best solutions for the environment, our health, and our economy. We build innovative software that promotes walkable neighborhoods, public transit, and short commutes. More than 10,000 sites use Walk Score Services and we show more than 6 million scores each day. We recently launched the world's first apartment search by commute time. Our light-filled office is located just off the Burke-Gilman trail in Seattle. We also have the coolest conference table ever, a deck for BBQ's, an organic Korean restaurant downstairs, and a Walk Score of 80.
WannaBetMe WannaBetMe is a new type of social game. More social. And more game. Make, track, and share your friendly bets. Like you’ve always wished you could.
Wavii Keep up with everything you care about in a personalized news feed. Wavii automatically creates status updates for your favorite politicians, celebrities, gadgets, and more. These updates highlight what's happening, like a political victory, dramatic breakup, startup acquisition, or new app release, so you're in the know and can discuss with friends. The more you follow, the more active and personalized your news feed becomes.
WetPaint Wetpaint is a next-generation media platform company that uses its proprietary state-of-the-art technologies and expertise in social media to capture, engage, and activate audiences. After only 18 months out of the gate, Wetpaint Entertainment hit a milestone of 12 million monthly users! Come join our passionate, smart, fun, and lively team – and be part of our next phase of growth.
Wibidata WibiData is the next-generation platform for large-scale data storage, serving and analysis. And it’s the product of the hard work and collaboration of a talented staff, world-class investors, and amazing customers and partners. There’s a revolution occurring in how companies make business decisions and interact with their customers, and data is at the heart of it. We’re energized to be a part of this fundamental shift.

Last updated 22 October 2012.