Poster and Demo Session

Tuesday, October 20: 5:00-7:00pm
Various locations throughout the Paul G. Allen Center
Madrona Prize Presentation, 7:15-7:45 p.m.
Microsoft Atrium
(Last updated 19 October 2015)

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  • Graphics, Vision, Animation, and Games for Learning, CSE 291

    • Deep Photo Tagging
      Hamid Izadinia
    • Depth from Focus with Your Mobile Phone
      Supasorn Suwajanakorn
    • Digital Pathology: Diagnostic Error Analysis
      Ezgi Mercan, Linda G. Shapiro, Tad Brunye, Don L. Weaver, Joann G. Elmore
    • Floor plan reconstruction
      Hamid Izadinia
    • In-situ CAD
      Aditya Sankar, Steve Seitz
    • Light Field Layer Matting
      Juliet Fiss, Brian Curless, Rick Szeliski
    • Object Detection Demo
      Joseph Redmon
    • Object Discovery and Visual Reasoning
      Hamid Izadinia, Fereshteh Sadeghi
    • Time-lapse mining from Internet photos
      Ricardo Martin-Brualla, David Gallup, Steve Seitz
    • Visual Analogy
      Fereshteh Sadeghi
    • What Makes Tom Hanks Look Like Tom Hanks
      Supasorn Suwajanakorn, Steven M. Seitz, Ira Kemelmacher-Shlizerman

  • Computing Accessibility (2nd floor landing)

    • Universal Play Kiosk
      Anat Caspi, Gyorgy Zatloka, Setion Branko, Kevin Porter, Sarah Haase, Milena Batova
    • AccessComputing: The national alliance for access to computing careers
      Richard Ladner

  • Data Management Systems, CSE 405

    • A Dynamic Scaling Engine for Data Analytics with Performance Guarantees
      Jennifer Ortiz
    • Asynchronous and Fault-Tolerant Recursive Datalog Evaluation in Shared-Nothing Engines
      Jingjing Wang, Magdalena Balazinska, Daniel Halperin
    • Centiman: Elastic, High Performance Optimistic Concurrency Control by Watermarking
      Bailu Ding (Cornell), Lucja Kot (Cornell), Alan Demers (Cornell), Johannes Gehrke (Microsoft)
    • Data Transfer between Database Systems using Automatic Connector Generation
      Brandon Haynes
    • From Theory to Practice: Efficient Join Query Evaluation in a Parallel Database System
      Shumo Chu, Magdalena Balazinska, Dan Suciu
    • Gaussian Mixture Models Use-Case: In-Memory Analysis with Myria
      Ryan Maas
    • Graphulo: Graph Processing for Accumulo Databases
      Dylan Hutchison
    • Leveraging Lock Contention to Improve OLTP Application Performance
      Cong Yan, Alvin Cheung
    • Query engine for high-performance languages
      Brandon Myers
    • Solving Multilinear Polynomials for Data Summarization
      Laurel Orr, Magdalena Balazinska, Dan Suciu
    • Translating Sequential Java Programs to MapReduce Using Verified Lifting
      Maaz Ahmad

  • Programming Languages and Software Engineering, CSE 407

    • Composing Formally Verified Distributed Systems in Verdi
      James Wilcox, Doug Woos, Steve Anton
    • Data Structure Synthesis
      Calvin Loncaric
    • Dependability Cases for Safety Critical Systems
      Stuart Pernsteiner
    • Formally Verifying Assembly Level Optimizations
      Eric Mullen, Daryl Zuniga
    • Hello Joe: Verified Actor Conversations with Erlang and Dependent Types
      Archibald Samuel Elliott, Edwin Brady (University of St. Andrews)
    • Herbie: Automatically Fixing Double Trouble
      Pavel Panchekha, Alex Sanchez-Stern
    • Incarnate: How Compilers and Vision Might Bring 3D Printing to Life (demo)
      Joe Redmon, Seth Pendergrass

  • HCI, Accessibility, and Visualization (5th floor landing)

    • A Framework for Self-Experimentation in Personalized Health
      Ravi Karkar, James Fogarty, Julie A. Kientz, Sean A. Munson, Roger Vilardaga, Jasmine Zia
    • AACrobat: Using Mobile Devices to Lower Communication Barriers and Provide Autonomy with Gaze-Based AAC
      Alexander Fiannaca, Ann Paradiso, Mira Shah, Merrie Morris
    • Being Liked and Being Heard: Use of Visual Feedback in Email Communication
      A. Conrad Nied, Margaret Morris, Gary Hsieh, Sean Munson
    • Designing for user-facing uncertainty in everyday sensing and prediction
      Matthew Kay, Tara Kola, Jessica Hullman, Sean Munson, Shwetak Patel, Julie Kientz
    • Personal guidance on individualized food triggers for IBS patients
      Jessica Schroeder, James Fogarty, Sean Munson, Jasmine Zia
    • Personal Informatics in Everyday Life
      Daniel Epstein, James Fogarty, Sean Munson
    • Repurposing everyday phone interaction
      Xiaoyi Zhang, Donny Huang, Laura R. Pina, T. Scott Saponas, James Fogarty, Shyamnath Gollakota
    • Voyager: Exploratory Analysis via Faceted Browsing of Visualization Recommendations
      Kanit Wongsuphasawat, Dominik Moritz, Anushka Anand, Jock Mackinlay, Bill Howe, Jeffrey Heer


  • Computer Systems / Systems & Networking, Architecture / Programming Languages, CSE 591

    • A near-sensor face detection accelerator for low-power camera systems
      Amrita Mazumdar, Armin Alaghi, Luis Ceze, Mark Oskin
    • Apneaapp. Diagnosing sleep apnea
      Rajalakshmi Nandakumar
    • Architectural Support for Large-Scale Visual Search
      Carlo C. del Mundo, Vincent T. Lee, Luis Ceze, Mark Oskin
    • Building Consistent Transactions with Inconsistent Replication
      Irene Zhang, Naveen Kr. Sharma, Adriana Szekeres, Arvind Krishnamurthy, Dan R. K. Ports
    • Claret: Using Data Types for Highly Concurrent Distributed Transactions
      Brandon Holt, Irene Zhang, Dan Ports, Mark Oskin, Luis Ceze
    • Fingerio. Centimeter level finger tracking for around device interaction
      Rajalakshmi Nandakumar
    • Machine-learning Acceleration for Near-Sensor Processing
      Sung Kim, Thierry Moreau, Visvesh Sathe, Luis Ceze
    • New Limits of Knowledge Compilation and Applications to Exact Model Counting
      Paul Beame and Vincent Liew
    • Passive wifi. Wifi at 10000x lower power
      Bryce Kellogg
    • Subways: A Case for Redundant, Inexpensive Data Center Edge Links
      Vincent Liu, Danyang Zhuo, Simon Peter, Arvind Krishnamurthy, Thomas Anderson
    • Transtorm: a benchmark suite for transactional key¬-value storage systems
      Naveen Kr. Sharma, Brandon Holt, Irene Zhang, Dan R. K. Ports, Marcos K. Aguilera

  • AI / Natural Language Processing, CSE 609

    • Event Detection and Factuality Assessment with Non-Expert Supervision
      Kenton Lee, Yoav Artzi, Yejin Choi, Luke Zettlemoyer
    • Graph-Based Inverse Optimal Control for Robot Manipulation
      Arunkumar Byravan, Mathew Monfort, Brian Ziebart, Byron Boots, Dieter Fox
    • Joint A* CCG Parsing and Semantic Role Labelling
      Mike Lewis, Luheng He, Luke Zettlemoyer
    • Learning Generalizable Surface Cleaning Actions from Demonstration
      Sarah Elliott
    • Mise en Place: Unsupervised Interpretation of Instructional Recipes
      Chloé Kiddon, Ganesa Thandavam Ponnuraj, Luke Zettlemoyer, Yejin Choi
    • Natural and Visualization-Based Transparency in Situated Language Understanding
      Leah Perlmutter, Maya Cakmak
    • Semantic Role Labeling Improves Semantic Parsing
      Ioannis Konstas, Frank Keller
    • Semantic Role Labeling with Neural Network Factors
      Nicholas FitzGerald, Oscar Täckström, Kuzman Ganchev, Dipanjan Das
    • Solving geometry problems: combining text and diagram interpretation
      Minjoon Seo, Hannaneh Hajishirzi, Ali Farhadi, Oren Etzioni, Clint Malcolm
    • Towards Never-Ending Object Learning for robots
      Yuyin Sun, Dieter Fox
    • Unsupervised Code-Switching for Multilingual Historical Document Transcription
      Dan Garrette, Hannah Alpert-Abrams, Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick, Dan Klein
    • Visual Storybooks: Multimodal Schema Learning and Summarization with Photo Albums
      Antoine Bosselut, Jianfu Chen, Hannaneh Hajishirzi, Yejin Choi


  • Mobile Sensing, Sensing and Health, CSE 691

    • Accuray of sleep staging mining across various sensing modalities
      Ruth Ravichandran, Hong Lu, Lama Nachman, Julie Kientz, Shwetak Patel
    • BANDAIDS: Battery Free On-Body Sensing
      Josh Fromm, Kyle Lee, and Shwetak Patel
    • BiliCam: Using Mobile Phones to Monitor Newborn Jaundice
      Lilian de Greef, Mayank Goel, Min Joon Seo, Eric C. Larson, James W. Stout MD MPH, James A. Taylor MD, Shwetak N. Patel
    • Finexus: Tracking Precise Motions of Multiple Fingertips Using Magnetic Sensing
      Ke-Yu Chen, Shwetak Patel, Sean Keller
    • HyperCam: Hyperspectral Imaging and their Applications
      Mayank Goel, Eric Whitmire, Alex Mariakakis, Scott Saponas, Neel Joshi, Shwetak Patel
    • Identification of Long Range DNA-DNA Contacts
      Jacob Schreiber
    • Implanted platform for neuromodulation
      Brody Mahoney, Vaishnavi Ranganathan, Gregory Moore, Chet Moritz, Bingni Brunton, Polina Anikeeva, Greg Horwitz, Joshua R. Smith
    • Inferring Power Consumption of Home Electronic Appliances from its EMI
      Ke-Yu Chen, Sidhant Gupta, Shwetak Patel
    • MagnifiSense: Inferring Device Interaction using Wrist-Worn Passive Magneto-Inductive Sensors
      Edward Wang, Tien-Jui Lee, Alex Mariakakis, Mayank Goel, Sidhant Gupta, Shwetak Patel
    • PaperID: A Technique for Prototyping Battery-Free Wireless Interfaces on Paper
      Hanchuan Li, Eric Brockmeyer, Elizabeth Carter, Josh Fromm, Scott Hudson, Shwetak Patel, Alanson Sample
    • RePOV: Using Sensors and Vision to Facilitate Discoveries in Egocentric Videos
      Alex Mariakakis, Daniel Avrahami, Sven Kratz
    • SpiroCall: Tracking Lung Function over a Phone Call
      Mayank Goel, Elliot Saba, Maia Stiber, Eric Whitmire, Josh Fromm, Eric C. Larson, Gaetano Borriello, Shwetak N. Patel
    • UbiComp Lab Poster
      Ubicomp Lab


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