Poster and Demo Session

Wednesday, October 19: 5:45-7:00pm
Various locations throughout the Paul G. Allen Center

Madrona Prize and People's Choice Award presentation, 7:15-7:45 p.m.
Microsoft Atrium
(Last updated 20 October 2016)

Seattle's Madrona Venture Partners has awarded the Madrona Prize for the past nine years to students participating in UW CSE's Open House whose research work shows the greatest potential for commercialization. The People's Choice Award, for which attendees vote for their favorite projects, will also be awarded. Please join us at 7:15 p.m. for this year's prize presentation.

2016 Madrona Prize

Winner: The Next Big Leap in Backscatter Communication (Electrical Engineering Ph.D. students Mehrdad Hessar and Bryce Kellogg; CSE postdoc Vamsi Talla; CSE professor Shyam Gollakota; CSE and EE professor Josh Smith)

Runner up: PipeGen: Data Pipe Generator for Hybrid Analytics (CSE Ph.D. student Brandon Haynes; CSE professors Alvin Cheung and Magda Balazinska)

Runner up: Just Say NO to Paxos Overhead: Replacing Consensus with Network Ordering (CSE Ph.D. students Jialin Li, Ellis Michael, Naveen Kr. Sharma, and Adriana Szekeres; CSE professor Dan R. K. Ports)

Runner up: Programming by Examples for Industrial Data Wrangling (CSE Ph.D. student Alex Polozov; Sumit Gulwani and the PROSE team at Microsoft)

2016 People’s Choice Award

Winner: Situated Tangible Robot Programming (CSE researcher Yasaman S. Sefidgar; EE undergraduate Prerna Agarwal; CSE professor Maya Cakmak)

Runner up: When the White Coats Leave: Unsupervised Decoding of Long-term, Naturalistic Human Neural Recordings with Automated Video and Audio Annotations (CSE Ph.D. student Nancy Xin Ru Wang; Jeff Ojemann of Seattle Children’s Hospital; UW CSE professors Ali Farhadi and Rajesh Rao; UW biology professor Bing Brunton)

Runner up: TummyTrials: Using Self-Experimentation to Detect Individualized Food Triggers (CSE Ph.D. students Ravi Karkar, Jessica Schroeder, and Daniel Epstein; CSE postdoc Laura Pina; CSE staff member Jeffrey Scofield; CSE professor James Fogarty; HCDE professors Julie Kientz and Sean Munson; Duke University professor Roger Vilardarga; Jasmine Zia of UW Medicine)

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  • Robotics, CSE 014

    • Applying End-User Robot-Programming Tools to Computer Science Outreach
      Vivek Paramasivam, Sarah Elliott, Justin Huang, Maya Cakmak
    • Code3: A system for end-to-end programming of mobile manipulator robots for novices and experts
      Justin Huang, Maya Cakmak
    • Efficient Programming of Manipulation Tasks by Demonstration and Adaptation
      Sarah Elliott, Russell Toris, Maya Cakmak
    • Situated Tangible Robot Programming
      Yasaman S. Sefidgar, Prerna Agarwal, Maya Cakmak
    • Teaching Robots to Perceive and Manipulate Liquids using Deep Learning
      Connor Schenck

  • Graphics, Vision, Animation, and Games for Learning, CSE 291

    • Crowdsourcing Word Problems and Hints to enrich an educational game
      Travis Mandel
    • Emptying, Refurnishing, and Relighting Indoor Spaces
      Edward Zhang
    • Head Reconstruction from Internet Photos
      Shu Liang
    • IM2CAD
      Hamid Izadinia, Qi Shan, Steve Seitz
    • Learning to be Obama
      Supasorn Suwajanakorn
    • Real-Time Depth Refinement for Specular Objects
      Roy Or-El
    • Reasoning about Sizes of Objects
      Hessam Bagherinezhad
    • Situation Recognition: Visual Semantic Role Labeling
      Mark Yatskar
    • Visual Debugging Techniques for Reactive Data Visualization
      Jane Hoffswell, Arvind Satyanarayan, Jeffrey Heer
    • When the white coats leave : Unsupervised decoding of long-term, naturalistic human neural recordings with automated video and audio annotations
      Nancy Xin Ru Wang, Jeff Ojemann, Ali Farhadi, Bing Brunton, Rajesh Rao
    • YOLO: You Only Look Once
      Joseph Redmon

  • HCI, Accessibility, 2nd Floor Landing

    • Alt-Right Narratives of Crisis Events, Communities and Botnets Spreading Misinformation
      A Conrad Nied, Leo Stewart, Emma Spiro, Kate Starbird
    • Examining Unlock Journaling with Diaries and Reminders for In Situ Self-Report in Health and Wellness
      Xiaoyi Zhang, Laura R. Pina, James Fogarty
    • mWACh - Mobile Women Adolescent and Child Health
      Trevor Perrier, Brian De Renzi, Jennifer Unger, Elizabeth Harrington, Grace John-Stewart, John Kinuthia, Richard Anderson
    • Personal informatics in everyday life
      Daniel Epstein, James Fogarty, Sean Munson
    • Supporting Patient-Provider Collaboration to Identify Individual Triggers using Food and Symptom Journals
      Jessica Schroeder, Jane Hoffswell, Chia-Fang Chung, James Fogarty, Sean Munson, Jasmine Zia
    • Teaching Coding to Learning Disabled Children with Kokopelli's World
      Rob Thompson, Steve Tanimoto
    • TummyTrials: Using Self-Experimentation to Detect Individualized Food Triggers
      Ravi Karkar, Jessica Schroeder, Daniel Epstein, Laura Pina, Jeffrey Scofield, James Fogarty, Julie Kientz, Sean Munson, Roger Vilardaga, Jasmine Zia

  • Data Management Systems, CSE 405

    • Casper: Using Verified Lifting for Spark
      Maaz Ahmad, Alvin Cheung
    • Comparing systems for analyzing big neuroscience imaging data
      Parmita Mehta, Sven Dorkenwald, Dongfang Zhao, Tomer Kaftan, Magda Balazinska, Alvin Cheung & Ariel Rokem
    • Cosette: An Automated SQL Solver
      Shumo Chu, Chenglong Wang, Konstantin Weitz, Alvin Cheung, Dan Suciu
    • Deep Curation: Unsupervised Curation of Biological Repositories
      Maxim Grechkin, Hoifung Poon, Bill Howe
    • Elastic Memory Management for Cloud Data Analytics
      Jingjing Wang, Magdalena Balazinska
    • Gaussian Mixture Models Use-Case: In-Memory Analysis with Myria
      Ryan Maas, Jeremy Hyrkas, Olivia Telford, Jake VanderPlas, Magdalena Balazinska, Andrew Connolly
    • Graphulo: native linear algebra in a NoSQL DB
      Dylan Hutchison, Vijay Gadepally, Jeremy Kepner, Bill Howe
    • PipeGen: Data Pipe Generator for Hybrid Analytics
      Brandon Haynes, Alvin Cheung, Magdalena Balazinska
    • PerfEnforce: Data Analytics with Performance Guarantees
      Jennifer Ortiz, Brendan Lee, Magdalena Balazinska
    • Ocean genomic analysis with Myria
      Dylan Hutchison, Shrainik Jain, Bill Howe, David Maier
    • Viska: Enabling Interactive Analysis of Performance Measurements
      Helga Gudmundsdottir, Babak Salimi, Magdalena Balazinska, Dan R. K. Ports, Dan Suciu

  • VR and Robotics, CSE 409

    • Virtual Reality for Bootstrapping Deep Reinforcement Learning in Robotics
      Vikash Kumar, Aravind Rajeswaran

  • Programming Languages and Software Engineering, 4th floor landing

    • Automatic Trigger Generation for End User Written Rules for Home Automation
      Chandrakana Nandi, Michael D. Ernst
    • Combining Bug Detection and Test Case Generation
      Martin Kellogg
    • Data Structure Synthesis
      Calvin Loncaric, Michael D. Ernst
    • Evaluating and Improving Fault Localization Techniques
      Spencer Pearson, José Campos, René Just, Gordon Fraser, Rui Abreu, Michael Ernst, Deric Pang, Benjamin Keller
    • Hardware-Model Co-Design for Energy Efficient Deep Learning
      Thierry Moreau, Tianqi Chen, Luis Ceze
    • Ouroboros: Bootstrapping a Formally Verified In-Kernel Interpreter
      Jared Roesch, Luke Nelson, Xi Wang, Zachary Tatlock
    • Programming by Examples for Industrial Data Wrangling
      Alex Polozov, Sumit Gulwani, and the Microsoft PROSE team
    • Proof Automation for Verified Peephole Optimizations
      Daryl Zuniga, Eric Mullen, Zach Tatlock, Dan Grossman
    • Schedule Synthesis with Symbolic Traces
      Nate Yazdani
    • Staccato: A Bug-Finder for Dynamic Configuration Updates
      John Toman, Dan Grossman
    • Verdi: Implementing and Formally Verifying Distributed Systems
      James R. Wilcox
    • Verifying Multiplier Circuits
      Paul Beame and Vincent Liew

  • AI / Natural Language Processing / Machine Learning, 5th floor landing

    • A Theme-Rewriting Approach for Generating Algebra Word Problems
      Rik Koncel-Kedziorski, Ioannis Konstas, Luke Zettlemoyer, Hannaneh Hajishirzi
    • Constraint Graphs For Parallel Bayesian Network Structure Learning
      Jacob Schreiber
    • Event Extraction on the Frontiers of Labeled Data
      James Ferguson, Colin Lockard, Hannaneh Hajishirzi, Dan Weld
    • Explainable machine learning for relation extraction
      Gagan Bansal, Dan Weld
    • Fake Profile Identification: Making Social Networks Safer
      Michael Fire, Dima Kagan, Aviad Elishar, Yuval Elovici
    • Hierarchical Character-Word Models for Language Identification
      Aaron Jaech, George Mulcaire, Shobhit Hathi, Mari Ostendorf, Noah Smith
    • Interpretable machine learning in the operating room
      Scott Lundberg, Bala Nair, Jerry Kim, Su-In Lee
    • Learning Novel Ideas from Natural Language with Help from the Crowd
      Christopher H. Lin, Mausam, Daniel S. Weld
    • Self-improving Crowdsourcing
      Jonathan Bragg, Mausam, Dan Weld
    • Summarizing Source Code using a Neural Attention Model
      Srini Iyer


  • Computer Systems / Systems & Networking / Architecture / Security CSE 591

    • A Shared-Nothing Server-Side Web Architecture
      Raymond Cheng (UW), William Scott (UW), Paul Ellenbogen (Princeton), Jon Howell (Google), Franziska Roesner (UW), Arvind Krishnamurthy (UW), Thomas Anderson (UW)
    • Confidante: Usable Encrypted Email -- A Case Study with Journalists and Lawyers
      Adam Lerner, Eric Zeng, Franziska Roesner
    • Diamond: Automating Data Management and Storage for Wide-area, Reactive Applications
      Irene Zhang, Niel Lebeck, Pedro Fonseca, Brandon Holt, Raymond Cheng, Ariadna Norberg, Arvind Krishnamurthy, Henry M. Levy
    • Efficient Key-Value-Quality Storage for JPEG Images
      Eddie Yan, Kaiyuan Zhang, Xi Wang, Karin Strauss, Luis Ceze
    • Eris: Coordination-Free Consistent Transactions using Network Multi-Sequencing
      Jialin Li, Ellis Michael, Dan R. K. Ports
    • GPU Profiling of GPGPU Applications
      Emily Furst, Mark Oskin
    • High Performance Packet Processing with FlexNIC
      Antoine Kaufmann, Simon Peter (UT Austin), Naveen Kr. Sharma, Thomas Anderson, Arvind Krishnamurthy
    • In-camera processing hardware for computer vision and virtual reality
      Amrita Mazumdar, Armin Alaghi, Luis Ceze, Mark Oskin
    • IncBricks: Enabling In-network Computations with a Programmable Network Middlebox
      Ming Liu, Liang Luo, Jacob Nelson (MSR), Arvind Krishnamurthy, Luis Ceze
    • Just Say NO to Paxos Overhead: Replacing Consensus with Network Ordering
      Jialin Li, Ellis Michael, Naveen Kr. Sharma, Adriana Szekeres, Dan R. K. Ports
    • Near Data Processing for Similarity Search
      Vincent T. Lee, Carlo C. Del Mundo, Amrita Mazumdar, Armin Alaghi, Mark Oskin, Luis Ceze

  • Sensing and Health / Innovations in Mobile Systems / Sensor Systems CSE 691

    • Bringing Internet Connectivity to Implanted Devices
      Vikram Iyer
    • CoughSense: Cought Monitor for Personal Illness and Public Health Tracking
      Elliot Saba, Tien-Jui Lee, Margaret Rosenfeld, Shwetak Patel
    • Exploration of perceptual resolution while modulating various stimulation parameters towards development of a low latency artificial sensory feedback system via ICMS
      David Bjanes, Chet Moritz
    • EyeContact: Scleral Coil Eye Tracking for Virtual Reality
      Eric Whitmire, Laura Trutoiu, Robert Cavin, David Perek, Brian Scally, James O. Phillips, Shwetak Patel
    • Fine grained finger tracking using active sonar
      Rajalakshmi Nandakumar
    • Fully Wireless Neural Implant for Recording and Stimulation
      Vaishnavi Ranganathan, Brody Mahoney, Joshua R. Smith
    • HemaApp: Noninvasive Blood Screening of Hemoglobin using a Smartphone Camera
      Edward Wang, William Li, Doug Hawkins, Terry Gernsheimer, Colette Norby-Slycord, Shwetak Patel
    • ID-Match: A Hybrid Computer Vision and RFID System for Recognizing Individuals in Groups
      Hanchuan Li, Peijin Zhang, Samer Al Moubayed, Shwetak Patel, Alanson P. Sample
    • Next big leap in backscatter communication
      Vamsi Talla, Mehrdad Hessar, Bryce Kellogg, Shyam Gollakota, Joshua R. Smith
    • Ocular Symptom Detection using Smartphones
      Alex Mariakakis, Megan Anne Banks, Jacob Baudin, James Taylor, Anthony Law, Joanne Wen, Shwetak Patel
    • OsteoApp: Smartphone Screening of Osteoporosis
      Josh Fromm, Alex Mariakakis, Morelle Arian
    • Sending passwords over the human body
      Merhdad Hessar
    • UbiComp Lab Poster
      Ubicomp Lab


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