Bill & Melinda Gates Center for Computer Science & Engineering, Room 244
Areas of interest: 

Design, implementation, and analysis of high-performance computing and communication systems; data-intensive discovery (eScience); information technology and public policy

Client + Cloud: Evaluating Seamless Architectures for Visual Data Analytics in the Ocean Sciences

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COVE: A Visual Environment for Multidisciplinary Ocean Science Collaboration

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Trident: Scientific Workflow Workbench for Oceanography

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The Expansion of CS4HS, an Outreach Program for High School Teachers

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COVE: A Visual Environment for Ocean Observatory Design

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In Memoriam: Kenneth C. Sevcik

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The Limits of Global Scanning Worm Detectors in the Presence of Background Noise

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An Endless Frontier Postponed

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Computing Research: A Looming Crisis

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An Integrated Approach to Ocean Observatory Data Acquisition/Management and Infrastructure Control Using Web Services

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Challenge: Ubiquitous Location-Aware Computing and the “Place Lab” Initiative

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Pale and Male: 19th Century Design in a 21st Century World

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Policy Initiatives to Increase the Availability of Advanced Telecommunications Services Throughout Washington State

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Managing Server Load in Global Memory Systems

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Implementing Network Protocols at User Level

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The Interaction of Architecture and Operating System Design

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Lightweight Remote Procedure Call

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Speedup vs. Efficiency in Parallel Systems

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