Bill & Melinda Gates Center for Computer Science & Engineering, Room 244
Areas of interest: 

Design, implementation, and analysis of high-performance computing and communication systems; data-intensive discovery (eScience); information technology and public policy

23 Ph.D. completed, 23 M.S. completed. Ph.D. students:

  • Henry M. Levy, 1981 (OK, it was only a Masters degree ...) (Digital Equipment Corp. -> University of Washington; Member, National Academy of Engineering)
  • Richard L. Garner, 1982 (Cedar River Software)
  • Patricia A. Jacobson,1984
  • Stephen C. Vestal, 1987 (Honeywell Research)
  • John K. Bennett, 1988 (Rice University -> University of Colorado)
  • Haim E. Mizrahi, 1988 (co-supervised with J.-L. Baer) (Raphael (Israel))
  • David B. Wagner, 1989 (University of Colorado -> Principia Consulting)
  • Brian N. Bershad, 1990 (co-supervised with H. Levy) (Carnegie Mellon University -> University of Washington -> Google -> retired) (NSF PYI Award, NSF PFF Award, and ONR YI Award recipient)
  • Yi-Bing Lin, 1990 (Bell Communications Research -> National Chiao-Tung University (Taiwan))
  • Mark S. Squillante, 1990 (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center)
  • Sung K. Chung, 1990 (co-supervised with D. Notkin) (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center (postdoc) -> Microsoft)
  • Thomas E. Anderson, 1991 (co-supervised with H. Levy) (University of California, Berkeley -> University of Washington) (NSF PYI Award, NSF PFF Award, and Sloan Research Fellowship recipient; Member, National Academy of Engineering)
  • B. Clifford Neuman, 1992 (USC Information Sciences Institute)
  • Edward W. Felten, 1993 (co-supervised with J. Zahorjan) (Princeton University) (NSF YI Award and Sloan Research Fellowship recipient; Member, National Academy of Engineering; Fellow, American Academy of Arts & Sciences)
  • Chandramohan A. Thekkath, 1994 (co-supervised with H. Levy) (DEC Systems Research Center -> Microsoft Research)
  • Robert Bedichek, 1994 (co-supervised with H. Levy) (MIT (postdoc) -> Transmeta Corp. -> AMD Corp. -> Apple)
  • Michael Rabinovich, 1994 (AT&T Bell Laboratories -> Case Western Reserve University)
  • Jeffrey S. Chase, 1995 (co-supervised with H. Levy) (Duke University)
  • Dylan J. McNamee, 1996 (co-supervised with H. Levy) (Oregon Graduate Institute -> Galois -> Reed College)
  • Brian Pinkerton, 2000 (co-supervised with J. Zahorjan) (Consultant -> A9 -> Chan Zuckerberg Initiative -> Apple)
  • Tapan Parikh, 2007 (co-supervised with D. Notkin) (University of California, Berkeley -> Cornell Tech NYC)
  • Sujay Parekh, 2010 (IBM Research -> Bloomberg LP)
  • Keith Grochow, 2011 (National ICT Australia Ltd. -> consultant)
  • Shrainik Jain, 2019 (co-supervised with Bill Howe) (Snowflake)