CSE 570
Areas of interest: 

Design, implementation, and analysis of high-performance computing and communication systems; data-intensive discovery (eScience); information technology and public policy

My current activities fall into the following buckets:

eScience – the techniques and technologies of data-driven discovery

    I am the Founding Director of the University of Washington eScience Institute, whose goal is to advance the techniques and technologies of data-intensive discovery, and to diffuse them across the campus. Technical foci of the eScience Institute include data management, data visualization, data mining, machine learning, cloud computing, and others. Our support comes from the University of Washington, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the Washington Research Foundation, the National Science Foundation, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and others; in November 2013 it was announced that UW, UC Berkeley, and NYU are partners in a five-year, $37.8 million award from the Moore and Sloan Foundations whose goal is to dramatically accelerate the growth of data-intensive discovery in a broad range of fields.

Data architecture for the Ocean Observatories Initiative

    I am an Adjunct Professor in the University of Washington's world-renowned School of Oceanography. I participate in various aspects of the NSF Ocean Observatories Initiative, which is deploying 1,000 km of fiber optic cable on the seafloor on the Juan de Fuca plate with the goal of transforming aspects of oceanography from an expeditionary to an observatory science. My late friend Jim Gray was an active participant in the early stages of this effort. My Ph.D. student Keith Grochow built a novel visualization system that played a role in this effort.

The Computing Community Consortium

Computer Systems and Networking

    I participate in various activities of the UW CSE computer systems and networking research group. Among my phenomenal systems students are Hank Levy (University of Washington), John Bennett (University of Colorado), Dave Wagner (Google), Brian Bershad (Google), Yi-Bing Lin (National Chiao Tung University), Mark Squillante (IBM Research), Tom Anderson (University of Washington), Cliff Neuman (USC Information Sciences Institute), Ed Felten (Princeton University), Chandu Thekkath (Microsoft Research), Rob Bedichek (Apple), Misha Rabinovich (Case Western Reserve University), Jeff Chase (Duke University), Dylan McNamee (Galois), Brian Pinkerton (A9), Tapan Parikh (UC Berkeley), Sujay Parikh (IBM Research), and Keith Grochow (National ICT Australia Ltd.).