AC 474 (Zoom: 5348583561)
Areas of interest: 

Artificial intelligence, human computer interaction, natural language processing

Research Interests: Dan runs the Lab for Human-AI Interaction, which develops intelligent interfaces and team architectures to allow people to better understand and control AI tools, assistants, and systems. The lab studies especially explainable machine learning, intelligible AI, and human-AI team architectures. We collaborate extensively with AI2's Semantic Scholar Research and contribute to the ScholarΦ Project. More broadly, Dan participates in the UW artificial intelligence, HCI, and NLP research groups.

Many of Weld's papers are available here; older ones can be found on a deprecated list

Selected Talks: IUI-15 keynote Planning to Control Crowdsourced Workflows (and an older version from ICAPS-13); KCAP-09 Invited Talk Machine Reading: from Wikipedia to the Web; AAAI-08 Senior-Member Talk the Intelligence in Wikipedia Project; IJCAI-03 Invited Talk Automatically Personalizing User Interfaces; Planning Summer School (PLANET-03) Data Integration and Execution & Web Service Integration; Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI-03) What Users Want.