CSE 588
Areas of interest: 

Artificial intelligence, internet systems, human computer interaction, natural language processing

Research Interests: Weld leads the UW Crowdlab. At a high level his research interests are in artificial intelligence, relation extraction, and human-computer interaction with an emphasis on building intelligent user interfaces. He is especially excited about decision-theoretic crowdsourcing.

Many of Weld's papers are available here; older ones can be found on a deprecated list

Selected Talks: IUI-15 keynote Planning to Control Crowdsourced Workflows (and an older version from ICAPS-13); KCAP-09 Invited Talk Machine Reading: from Wikipedia to the Web; AAAI-08 Senior-Member Talk the Intelligence in Wikipedia Project; IJCAI-03 Invited Talk Automatically Personalizing User Interfaces; Planning Summer School (PLANET-03) Data Integration and Execution & Web Service Integration; Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI-03) What Users Want.