The Diversity Committee is a coalition of faculty, students, and staff working on a range of efforts across the Allen School. You can email the full committee at

Committee Members

  • Raven Avery, Assistant Director for Diversity & Outreach
  • Lauren Bricker, Faculty
  • Anat Caspi, Director of the Taskar Center for Accessible Technology
  • Chloe Dolese, Academic Adviser (undergraduate program)
  • Elise Dorough, Director of Graduate Student Services (Ph.D. program)
  • Jon Froelich, Faculty
  • Naveena Karusala, Graduate Student
  • Richard Ladner, Faculty
  • Ed Lazowska, Faculty, Bill & Melinda Gates Chair in Computer Science & Engineering
  • Lucy Lin, Graduate Student
  • Aishwarya Mandyam, Undergraduate Student
  • Jennifer Mankoff, Faculty, Richard E. Ladner Chair in Accessibility
  • Phoenix Meadowlark, Undergraduate Student
  • Alison Ng, Undergraduate Student
  • Katharina Reinecke, Faculty
  • Maarten Sap, Graduate Student
  • Luke Zettlemoyer, Faculty