The Allen School has a multitude of student groups that are organized and managed by current students. Membership for all of these groups are open to all Allen School students, and each organization hosts several events each year to help foster a close community amongst the student population.

Allen School Student Groups

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Ability Group Logo


Ability is an organization dedicated to spreading accessibility awareness and creating community for students with disabilities and their allies.

COM^2 Logo

ACE (Association for Computing Education)

Association for Computing Education (ACE) focuses on building a community for students interested in the field of computing education. We provide resources and events to help students connect with TA opportunities, academia, and other computing education communities in the University of Washington.

COM^2 Logo

COM2 (Computing Community)

Computing Community @ the University of Washington is a UW RSO dedicated to building community in the CSE department, and we are the largest student-led organization at the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering. COM2 at the Allen School aims to bring the motivation and spirit of this organization to our school campus through career and academic support, mentorship, and community-building initiatives.

Gen 1 Logo


GEN1 aims to celebrate and support the Allen School’s vibrant and diverse first-generation community by providing resources and a community to ensure academic, professional, and personal success.

Minorities in Tech Logo

Minorities in Tech (MiT)

Minorities in Tech supports underrepresented groups in the tech and industry and works to foster a more culturally inclusive CSE community. They are committed to creating an inclusive multicultural environment where differences are valued and respected.

Q plus plus Logo


Q++ is a group at the University of Washington dedicated to providing support and community for LGBTQIA+ individuals within the Allen School community.

Student Advisory Council Logo

Student Advisory Council (SAC)

The Student Advisory Council serves as a collective voice of students in the Allen School. The Council aims to address key issues in the Allen School including but not limited to: student wellness, diversity, curriculum development, and opportunities to engage in social good.

WiC @ UW Logo

Women in Computing (WiC) @ UW

Women in Computing at the University of Washington is a group of students in the Paul G. Allen School (of all genders and orientations) dedicated to cultivating a strong supportive community of women within the Allen School, to helping members succeed academically, socially and professionally, and to demonstrate the importance and necessity of diversity in the computing world.

Student Groups Introduction Video

Watch our Student Groups video, updated Fall 2023!

Allen School Affiliate RSOs

The following list includes our Affiliate Registered Student Organizations at the University of Washington. Allen School students are closely involved in these organizations, and can be great communities to get involved with! RSOs that are hoping to apply as Affiliates can fill out the linked application at the bottom of this page.

Advanced Robotics at UW (ARUW)

ARUW is a competitive robotics team competing in the international RoboMaster competition. Each year, we build a fleet of various robots to battle in an esports-style game by launching plastic projectiles at each other. ARUW has 4 subteams: Business/Admin, Mechanical, Electrical, and Software. Our software team works to develop fast embedded controls, real-time auto-aim and auto-drive, and machine learning computer vision algorithms.


DubHacks is a tech and entrepreneurship non-profit in Seattle run by students at the University of Washington. We bring together students of all backgrounds to tackle the issues they are most passionate about. Let's build tomorrow together.

Extended Reality Association

Building a multi-disciplinary community at the University of Washington dedicated to scholars interested in exploring and creating Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, and Augmented Reality experiences. XRA is a multi-disciplinary community of scholars at UW who enjoy VR/AR/MR while increasing interest and accessibility to these technologies across campus.

Husky Coding Project

Husky Coding Project aims to create a tech internship-like environment that promotes the growth and development of our club members. We provide team-based programming project experience and encourage peer-to-peer learning to provide the next generation of programmers & designers with the tools and experience to succeed in future tech careers.

Husky FOSS

We are an organization exploring the realm of free and open source software and encouraging their use in daily life. We love to use Linux (distributions), learn something new about it every time we meet, and foster a sense of community among all Linux and FOSS users. join us on discord:

Husky Satellite Lab

The Husky Satellite Lab's mission is to foster interdisciplinary student participation in space systems research, to inspire and train future space scientists and engineers, and to advance spacecraft capabilities at UW. We design, build, and launch small satellites to space, and are seeking new members to develop systems for our current mission, HuskySat-2, an open-source technology demonstrator, which will launch in 2025. Members will develop space-grade software payloads for ground station control, deep space navigation, hardware control and much more!

I2 (Interactive Intelligence)

I2 is an environment which aims to create a community of project-driven, outcome-oriented students at the University of Washington interested in the intersections of reinforcement learning, embodied artificial intelligence, and neuroscience. Our goal is to make machines learn like humans.

Project IF

Project Indoor Farm hopes to spread awareness to sustainable and modern alternatives to conventional agriculture. Our student-run hydroponics farm harvests over 20 pounds of lettuce every quarter. We hope to give students a way to do hands-on sustainability work while being able to progress their own career development through interdisciplinary projects, such as applying embedded systems to automate farm maintenance and using computer vision to monitor growth rates.

Software Engineering Career Club (SWECC)

The Software Engineering Career Club at UW (SWECC) is a space for people that want to pursue software engineering (SWE) as a career. Within this space, the club hopes to help develop skills and provide resources that can improve your odds of being successful in your future SWE career. This is done through networking, leetcode, mentor-mentee pairing, presentations, and other activities that will add value to members. You can reach us via discord ( or our email (


Synaptech is UW's neural engineering club! We are a project-based club, building things like eye-controlled cars or generating music from EEG recordings. We also offer hardware for any student to borrow for free and host weekly tutorials for beginners.

UW Blockchain

Dedicated to exploring the latest blockchain developments and novel cryptocurrency applications. Collaborate with your peers to learn about investing, trading, and mining cryptocurrencies. Join our discord for more info about meetings, events, etc. :

UWashington Formula Motorsports

Here at UWashington Formula Motorsports, we design, build, test and compete with an electric formula-style race car. Everything that our club produces is done entirely in-house. We produce our own designs, perform our own machining and manufacture our own carbon fiber parts. Every year, we bring our finished product to competition!

Web Impact UW

Web Impact UW is a web development and design RSO focused on providing websites for local organizations and underserved communities. We provide interactive workshops for members to develop their skills and meaningful connections through team projects to create free websites for our clients. Join us if you're interested in creating websites and want to make a difference in the community!


WOOF3D gives students hands-on experience with manufacturing and digital fabrication technologies—such as CAD, 3D-printing, scanning, CNCing, injection molding—through our community outreach events and/or joining our year-long projects. We welcome both novices and experts! Some of our past projects include experimenting with printers that can print with metals, silicone, and chocolate; designing and building a printer with a 1 cubic meter build volume; and scanning and casting mammoth bones to complete a skeleton at the Burke Museum.

Application for Affiliate RSO / New Allen School Student Group Status

Our Officially Endorsed Student Groups are Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) that are geared towards developing community specifically for the Allen School. However, students are always welcome to develop their own RSOs through the Student Activities Office. Affiliate RSOs are RSOs that are geared towards Computer Science and Engineering, and meet Allen School criteria for affiliation. If you want to affiliate your RSO with the Allen School, or start a new Allen School Student Group, please complete the application below. We accept applications on a rolling basis, but will prioritize applications received by the end of Week 7 of the current academic quarter.

NOTE: We will not be accepting applications during Winter and Spring Quarters in 2024 to focus on developing new programming. If you have questions or concerns about this, please reach out to our Student Leadership Development Coordinator: EJ Pinera -

Allen School Student Group & Affiliate RSO Application