The Allen School DEIA Newsletter is a quarterly publication highlighting the many ongoing activities run by and/or available to our faculty, staff and students to advance diversity, equity, inclusion and access in our community and in the field of computing.

Second Edition, Winter Quarter 2024

Professor Maya Cakmak working with DO-IT students at a workshop.

This issue is entirely focused on accessibility in recognition of the 50th anniversary of the passing of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, a landmark piece of legislation whose Section 504 helped to create the mandate for accessibility that still positively affects many of us today.

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First Edition, Winter Quarter 2023

Three Black youths wearing headphones seated at a table in front of desktop computers in a computer lab, with a young Black man standing next to the one in the middle viewing their screen. Two more youths are seated at the table behind them, partially obscured by their computer monitors, with a person in a baseball cap leaning next to one pointing at their screen. There is bright sunlight shining through a partially shaded window, with a pedestal fan plugged into the wall next to the window.

Recent Activities: Changemakers in Computing summer program; A Vision for Engineering Literacy and Access (AVELA); new intro course sequence; the Allen School at the Tapia and Grace Hopper celebrations; Pre-Application Mentorship Service (PAMS) for prospective Ph.D. students; LEAP Fellows and Scholars

A Person You Should Know: Les Sessoms, Recruitment and Retention Specialist

Announcements: Land acknowledgements; reporting incidences of bias, discrimination or harassment

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