Graduate TA Positions

Any CSE grad student who will not have a full RA appointment (or other funding) in a given quarter should register and apply for a TA position.

If you are unsure about your funding situation, talk to your advisor first. If you might need a TA position in a given quarter, you should fill out a TA application.

Graduate students from other departments are welcome to apply and may receive quarterly appointments on an as-needed basis.


If you fill out a TA application, you are committing to a winter TA assignment unless you withdraw your application by Sunday, November 22, 11:59 pm. To withdraw your application, go to the TA Candidate Dashboard of the TA website and select the option to withdraw your application.

Preliminary TA assignments will be chosen from students who sign-up by Sunday, November 22, 11:59 pm

If you need more time or if your situation is unsettled, please contact the TA Coordinator.

Application Instructions

*** COVID-19 Issues and Questions ***

As you know, all winter quarter CSE courses (lectures, quiz, and lab sections) are expected to be offered via remote learning but there *may* be a modest number of in-person activities held if conditions permit. Exact plans depend on public-health and university guidelines.

No TAs will be required to come to campus if they don’t want to, and many TA assignments will not require being in the Seattle area. But some TAs may wish to come to campus if possible, and some TA positions may have in-person responsibilities if campus is in “hybrid mode,” supplies/equipment needs to be physically interacted with, etc.

To come up with assignments that meet everyone’s needs, we have included several basic "in-the-time-of-COVID" questions at the bottom of the application page. Your answers will not make you more or less likely to be selected as a TA, but may affect what assignment you get or what responsibilities we assign to TAs. These effects are for everyone’s benefit.


  • Go to the TA application website and sign in with your UW NetID:
  • You should now see a page with your "TA Candidate Dashboard".  Click the "Apply" button which will take you to the application page.
  • In the Basic information section, you should see your name displayed; For "TA type", make the appropriate selection.
  • In the Personal statement section, you may describe why you would like to be a TA and/or what outside experience you have. This is not required; rather the purpose is for you to provide any information you'd like instructors and/or the TA administrators to know when considering you for a TA position.  This information is particularly helpful if you are a non-CSE student or a first-time applicant.  Graduate students from other majors can also provide links to their CV or undergrad transcript information if available.  
  • In the Course category preferences section, indicate your general preferences for the various course areas. 
  • Finally, in the Individual course preferences section, you can indicate your TA preference rankings for individual courses.  Simply give whichever course you would prefer to be assigned to a higher ranking preference from 1 to 5 (with 5 being most preferred) and rank any other courses relative to that (or the same if you have an equal preference).  Also, if you are unable to TA for a course due to a schedule time conflict (i.e. you are unable to attend any of that course's lectures OR the weekly course staff meeting), please check the schedule conflict checkbox in the first column.
  • Click the Submit button and you're all done! You may return to this page and make changes at anytime during the open application period.

Additional Notes

  • A number of CSE 599 (Special Topics) offerings are listed as TA course options however these courses will only be assigned TAs if minimum enrollment levels are reached .
  • Introductory Programming Courses (CSE 142/143): TA positions for the large introductory programming courses (CSE 142/143) are assigned primarily to undergraduate students. Graduate students who have a strong interest in computer science education and/or teaching are encouraged to contact the TA Coordinator for information about potential TA opportunities with these courses.
  • A weekly TA training seminar is offered each quarter on Thursdays, 4:30-5:20 PM, for students who are selected to TA and who will be teaching for the first time. It is strongly recommended for any TA who has not participated previously, even if this is not your first time as a TA.


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