Undergraduate TA hours are variable but cannot exceed 19.5 hours/week combined for ALL UW jobs. CSE undergraduate TAs generally work 10-15 hours per week.

Each TA appointment is classified as an Academic Student Employee (ASE) and is governed by a contract between the University of Washington and GSEAC/UAW, which is found at the following website: https://hr.uw.edu/labor/unions/uaw/ase-contract

Undergraduate TA Salary

  • $16.00 per hour  (effective January 2019)

 CSE 142/143 are staffed almost exclusively by undergraduate TAs and have the following additional hourly positions and rates:

  • CSE 14x TA Coordinators (selected by CSE 14x instructors and course staff)-- $18.00 per hour. 
  • CSE 14x Head-TA  (selected by quarterly course instructor)-- $17.50 per hour. 
  • CSE 14x Senior TA (application required; open to 14x TAs with >3 quarters of 14x TA experience)-- $17.00 per hour.