Undergraduate TA hours are variable but cannot exceed 19.5 hours/week combined for ALL UW jobs. CSE undergraduate TAs generally work 10-15 hours per week.

Academic Student Employees (ASEs), which include TA and RA positions, are covered by the UAW/UW Academic Student Employee union contract. The union contract governs policies and procedures for appointments, salary, job definitions and leave time. You are encouraged to familiarize yourself with this contract.

Undergraduate TA Salary

  • starting rate -- $19.97 per hour  

 Undergraduate TAs will receive hourly rate increases based on the number of quarters experience as a TA: 

  • Quarter 1: base hourly rate (currently $19.97*)
  • Quarters 2 and 3: base hourly rate + $1.00
  • Quarters 4 and 5: base hourly rate + $2.00
  • Quarters 6 and 7: base hourly rate + $3.00
  • Quarters 8 and above: base hourly rate + $4.00