Graduate TAs are paid monthly, and appointment levels -- i.e., TA, TA1, TA2 -- are based on academic progress.  The following salaries are based on a full-time appointment; most graduate TA responsibilities are full time or half time (coupled with a half-time RA appointment). Graduate TAs with a full appointment will not be required to work more than 220 hours per quarter, for an average of 20 hours a week; work responsibilities shall not exceed 30 hours in a given week except by TA consent. Graduate TAs with less than a full appointment will have their hours appropriately prorated.

Each appointment is classified as an Academic Student Employee (ASE) and is governed by a contract between the University of Washington and GSEAC/UAW, which is found at the following website: .

Graduate TA Salary (monthly)*

  • TA:  $2,989 (Master's students)
  • TA1:  $3,124 (Ph.D. students, pre-generals)
  • TA2:  $3,242 (Ph.D. students, post-generals)

*TA stipends during the summer are 20% higher than during other quarters of the Academic Year