About Our Undergraduate Program

The Allen School serves over 1,500 undergraduates in our two majors, and many more through our introductory and non-major courses. Our labs and facilities offer a premier learning and gathering environment where you can work hard individually and with others interested in learning how computing technology can transform the world. The Allen School also serves as an entry point for students across the campus to explore the world of computing, with courses designed to enable all students, regardless of major, to develop computational thinking and hands-on programming skills.

CS or CE?

The Allen School offers two undergraduate majors: the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (CS) and the Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (CE). The CS degree is awarded through the College of Arts and Sciences. Compared with CE, it has broader liberal arts and general education requirements and offers more flexibility in its upper-division requirements. The CE degree is awarded through the College of Engineering and is accredited by ABET. CE's requirements place relatively greater emphasis on math and science, as well as computing hardware.

Students in both majors have some flexibility to tailor their course of study to their specific interests, and both degrees are appropriate for most employment opportunities. Review our detailed degree requirements to learn more about both programs.

Key Features

Whichever path you choose, if you become a student in the Allen School, you will enjoy an unparalleled educational experience and many opportunities for enrichment, including:

  • A vibrant academic and social community, with a rigorous curriculum that prepares students to excel in industry and graduate programs.
  • Welcoming and inclusive environment for international students, women, and other underrepresented groups.
  • Small classes and the opportunity to interact intensively with the Allen School faculty, both as teaching assistants and via participation in research.
  • Intensive capstone design courses, in which teams of students tackle complex hardware, software, and embedded system design and implementation projects of their own invention.
  • Optional Data Science Specialization for those students majoring in CS who are interested in developing a foundation in one of the fastest-growing areas of the field.
  • Robust industry connections, offering a variety of mentorship and internship opportunities.